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Join us for 9 workshops on a variety of topics & activities: mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, parenting, using technology safely, cooking, comedy & more.  RSVP Required to receive access to the zoom link.


YESHIVACATION 5781: Dec 28 - Jan 7 | 9am - 12:00pm | Men & Women | Zoom
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Workshop #7  "If You See Something, Say Something" Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Alertness Training. With Dr. Leigh Hershkovitch-Loffe
Monday night 20 Tevet  / January 4th at 8:00pm RSVP now!   

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Workshop #8 "Non à la melancovid!" Une soirée d'humour avec Orel Gozlan
Motzei Shabbat / Samedi soir 25 Tevet / le 9 Janvier à 20h30 Inscrire Maintenant 


Workshop #9  "A Comforting Voice in the Face of Uncertainty" with Rabbi Yossi Jacobson
Motzei Shabbat / Saturday night Yud Shevat  / January 23rd at 8:30pm RSVP now!  
Marking 71 years of the Rebbe's global leadership. 



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Every Sunday morning, teens & seniors connect, share and learn.
Be a part of "Bridging The Years" BTY Club. For teens grades 9 - 11. Sign up now!

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Stay tuned for our upcoming daily programs
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Twice a month on Tuesdays for 6th grade girls. Sign up today! 


 Twice a month on Wednesdays for 6th & 7th grade boys. Sign up today! 


Beth Chabad CSL has daily classes with social distance or on zoom. 
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Check out the daily classes with social distance or on zoom for women of the Rita Benisiti women's Beth Midrash. Click here for the schedule. 

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