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CBN (Chabad Business Network) is a new platform created by Beth Chabad C.S.L. giving  our members an opportunity to post  their businesses.

The purpose is to become familiar with the business that our fellow members are involved in and we encourage our community to  support each other.


To provide our members with opportunities to advertise, network and create new contacts specifically during covid-19 pandemic. By sharing your business and skills with other entrepreneurs and business leaders all can  benefit in achieving more contacts and generate more revenues. 


Helping participants to increase their professional network and their business through the CBN platform advertising program, to enable you to develop long-term meaningful and quality business advice from professionals and make new contacts acquire potential new clients.


  1. This program has been initiated to help our  active members of Beth Chabad C.S.L. survive, and thrive despite the new challenges of covid-19.

  2. All contents advertised in this forum must be in accordance with  Halacha and approved by Beth Chabad.

  3. All advertisements and businesses  will be posted based on Alphabetical order. 

  4. Due to the present circumstances and many financial challenges, to merchants,employers & entrepreneurs, all advertisement fees for  active membershave thus far been waived, this is subject to change when life goes back to normal.

    Disclaimer:  Beth Chabad serves as a platform to connect you to another entrepreneur  but does not  take  responsibility for any  transaction that will come from this project.