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What is Smile On Seniors?

Smile On Seniors (SOS) is a unique program, designed to enhance the lives and cater to the specific needs of local seniors.  Many live alone or in assisted living facilities and greatly benefit from the various activities available specifically for them. The weekly visitations from the Rabbi is a highlight and so comforting. 

With the new discovery of  SOS, seniors have acquired a sense of purpose and happiness, they can now fill their days and lives with positive and creative opportunities which allow them to continue to enjoy a vibrant life filled with a sense of belonging to a community.

The weekly programs consist of either an educational lecture or a hands-on activity like baking, art, food decorating, painting etc.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, weekly programs and visitations have risen to a new level. We now have  DAILY virtual programs and make daily  check-in calls.  Our volunteers happily do grocery shopping, run errands, make home deliveries and provide seniors with technical support.  We offers hot nutritious meals to keep them happy and healthy, despite the new challenging conditions.

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Smile On Seniors is a self-funded project made possible by donation like yours.

Please open your kind heart and active hands and donate generously to further support the seniors of our community.

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Oct. 23, 2020
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Oct. 27, 2020
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Oct. 30, 2020
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Nov. 03, 2020
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