Welcome to Hebrew Champions, an innovative after-school educational program, in Cote-Saint-Luc. 

Hebrew Champions prides itself on an outstanding Judaic and Hebrew language program, a fun and rich understanding in our holidays and culture, Hebrew letters, reading Hebrew, a dynamic staff and stimulated students. 

At Hebrew Champions, we recognize that each child is a unique individual with different learning styles and abilities.

Each lesson is multi-sensory and hands on. The lessons incorporate different ways of learning so that each individual child is reached and is able to benefit. The students truly experience that which they are being taught.

Drama, song, interactive workbooks, art and Aleph Champ bring Hebrew Champions' lessons to life. Our innovative learning style encourages children to be active learners. 

Our program welcomes students regardless of religious background or affiliation. 

Our students learn, understand and experience Jewish life to the fullest!

Classes are held on

Tuesdays: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm or 4:30 pm - 6:30pm ~ Light dinner is served.

Hebrew Champions is a project of Beth Chabad CSL, conveniently located at 6501 Kildare Road.

REGISTRATION for Year 2023/24 is closed.

Dates: September 5th 2023 - June 4th 2024