Smile On Seniors  
A Devision of Beth Chabad CSL 
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Love & Happiness 

Smile On Seniors is a unique volunteer program throughout the US and Canada, where the local senior's lives are enhanced with meaning and purpose through creating for them a lively and lovely community, filled with  programs and activities geared specially for them, filling their days with happiness and smiles!


Smiles On Their Faces!

One of the bigger elements in Smile On Seniors is the visitation system, where local volunteers in the community visit seniors who can use some company bringing smiles to their faces, sharing with them some insights of the week's Torah portion, Business and world news etc. 



The many programs are spear-headed by the devoted committee who are local volunteers over the age of 65, and they make sure that SOS meets the needs of the local seniors in the most effective way.

SOS makes sure to have programs of all types, to meet the interest of each individual senior. There are social and entertainment events, educational programs, hands-on activities etc.

Each program or event is carefully looked after by the committee and is also fixed based on the feedback of the participating seniors in order to enhance the upcoming programs and events.

Click here to see a list of the programs and events  . 



The visitation system, is one of a kind! Local seniors are visited whether living alone at home, in a senior's home or facility, or heaven forbid in the hospital.

As soon as a senior is connected with us, we connect them with a hand picked local volunteer who matches the criteria of needs that the individual senior needs - physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Before each holiday, each individual senior receives a holiday package delivered to their door by one of our incredible volunteers, with a invitation to join us for the holiday services and a special holiday program geared specially for them.