Chesed volunteers

One of the bigger elements of Smile on Seniors is our volunteer visitation system. Many people from the community, as busy as they are whether with family, business or school, out of the kindness of their hearts volunteer to do Chesed - kindness, specially when we are dealing with the senior population which are more vulnerable with less family, feeling less belonging and not fitting into the regular warm and family oriented vibrant community.

Our volunteers are devoted to the goals and as soon as they are matched with a senior, they go beyond all leaps and bounds to give their senior partner the best of their ability, giving them a sense of feeling and belonging as part of our warm and family oriented vibrant community.

The range of our volunteers vary from kids to adults, each having their unique way of interacting with their senior partner, by which both - the senior and the volunteer, gain tremendously.

To become part of our volunteer team, please sign up here.