It's Not Just Brunch!

Eat a scrumptious brunch plus join an activity you won`t want to miss. This is where food and fun come together to create the unforgettable. Click here for the upcoming INJB!

Every second Wednesday 11am-12pm, starting November 20, 2019.

Free of charge. 


Titanic Torah Teachings

Explore some of the most famous Torah personalities, secrets behind Jewish rituals and take the opportunity to stump the Rabbi. Click here for the upcoming T.T.T.

Every second Wednesday 11am-12pm, starting November 27, 2019.

Free of charge.


Jewish Learning Institute

Join a course which will transform your look on life in general and on Judaism in particular.

We have three flagship courses a year:

Fall course 2019 - "Worrier to Warrior", November 12 - December 17.

Winter course 2020 - "Judaism's Gift to The World", January 29/30 - March 4/5.

Spring course 2020 - "Secrets of The Bible",  May - June.

Each course has six sessions and take place once a week for six consecutive weeks. 

Charges apply. For our flagship courses in November, January and May the cost is $99 per person or $169 per couple (price includes one student textbook). For more info about the JLI flagship courses visit

For single session courses, dates and costs depend on the group registration. Email for more info.

Click here to see our current or upcoming JLI courses