Currently, almost one third of the Jewish population of Montreal resides in the C.S.L. area where the potential growth and the future of our community lies. This area has the highest proportion of Jewish children, teenagers and young families in Montreal. One out of every five Jews in Montreal of elementary and pre-school age resides in C.S.L. and one out of every four Jews in Montreal of high school age resides in C.S.L.. Of these, thousands are enrolled in public schools and may not be affiliated with a synagogue.

There are several synagogues in C.S.L. who provide excellent services to their membership base and who continue to play an important role in our community. Chabad's purpose differs in that it reaches out to all Jews, affiliated and non-affiliated through an incredible array of community-wide celebrations, outreach programs, activities and Jewish support services. Beth Chabad Hechal Menachem will continue to provide a strong community presence in C.S.L.

This project will help reach out to all of our Jewish youth and provide them with compelling Jewish experiences that will strengthen their life-long commitment to Judaism. This continuous process of engagement in Jewish communal life will nurture and secure Montreal's future leadership.

Beth Chabad Hechal Menachem is responding to a very real need in C.S.L.. This is where the Jewish community is concentrated; this is where young families are settling and where young Jewish children and teenagers are being raised. This centre will provide families with a central address in C.S.L. they can turn to for support and guidance in connecting to their heritage and enriching their Jewish lvies. This project will provide a permanent home that will enable Chabad to continue building on what it has accomplished over the last 25 years and to more effectively carry out its mission. The proposed new facilities will enable Beth chabad to expand its Jewish activities in a new, enriching and stimulating environment.